Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Want to perfect your LinkedIn profile?

Writing in today's Mint, Gopal Sathe says the number of people using LinkedIn effectively in India remains small, and most simply use it to put up their CV, and then don’t return. Sathe asserts that it is easy to stand out and get results and then offers nine tips, which, he says, will help if you're looking for a new job:

1. Write a personal tag line
2. Ask and answer questions
3. Become a follower
4. Get the right recommendations
5. Keep a professional profile
6. Keep your updates focused
7. Let trusted contacts know you're looking
8. Log in regularly
9. Don't broadcast that you're looking

Sathe elaborates on each tip here (this is the link to the e-paper; go to Pages 12-13 of the issue of November 23).

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