Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 10 commandments of social networking etiquette

Everyone is on Facebook. And Twitter. And LinkedIn. But, sadly, not everyone is aware of online protocol.

Here's a checklist of things you should not be indulging in on social networking sites:
  • Playing games on other people’s Walls
  • Saying no to your mother
  • Using all caps
  • Tagging your friends to your advertisement
  • Making your virtual world more real than your real one
  • Sending a friend request more than once
  • Sending auto messages
  • Lying about yourself online
  • Smelly status updates
  • Peeking in
This list was put together by Shweta Taneja and published in Mint yesterday. She writes: "We know you have the right to go to the bathroom as many times as you like and the power to post inane recordings of your mundane life on Facebook or Twitter, but if you are looking for some respect online, refrain from giving minute descriptions of your boring life."

For details, go to "While online, thou shalt not...".

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