Thursday, June 23, 2016

The mother of all podcasts: Serial

More than 80 million downloads of the 12 episodes that make up Season One.

That single statistic speaks volumes for the popularity of Serial, which is often referred to as the mother of all podcasts. In fact, Serial changed the way the world thought about podcasts. The New York Times has written that the phenomenal success of Serial lies "in its willingness to defy some of the worst trends in journalism", while The Washington Post has described it as an investigative journalism podcast that became a cultural obsession.

Strangely, hardly anyone I know has even heard of this revolutionary podcast, even though it was first aired nearly two years ago. I got wind of it last year and I was hooked immediately because, with every episode ending with a cliffhanger, Serial is very much a "TRUE CRIME" THRILLER.

But it is also journalism; radio; research. Voice modulation; the usage of background music. It showcases the art of interviewing. And it gives us an insight into the importance of script-writing. Believe me, everything about Serial is FASCINATING.

For media students, especially those who have chosen Audiovisual Communication, this is an invaluable tool — it will help them better understand their chosen field.

Get your fix here.

And read up on the impact of Serial: Podcasting’s First Breakout Hit, Sets Stage for More.

UPDATE (June 30, 2016): From The New York Times, "Adnan Syed, of Serial Podcast, Gets a Retrial in Murder Case".

  • Season Two of Serial kicked off in December last year. But while Season One will be of interest to a general audience, Season Two, in my view, will appeal only to an American audience. Of course, you can make up your mind after you read co-producer and host Sarah Koenig's Welcome Note.
  • The phenomenal success of Serial has led to a boom in podcast-production. The number of apps that enable you to search for and listen to podcasts has also increased exponentially. Here are my posts about my favourite podcasts:
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