Saturday, May 7, 2016

Babu English, anyone?

Look what I found in my e-mail archives recently:

------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, Mar 24
             at 1:11 PM

Respected Sir,

I have the honour to invite your kind attention to the submission of mine for favour of your kind perusal and necessary action. This is no doubt quite un-called-for and I am fully concious that I am intruding upon your much valuable time and patience too, requesting you to go through the following ,but my only excuse is that neccessity knows no law::

That Sir, I have applied for admission in your August institution for Masters in Marketing and Management communication which is a two years course.

That Sir, the date of entrance examination has been fixed on          &             as I have informed.

That Sir, on                     I got an appointment with my attending physician and I have to undergo some specific test which may take at least ten days time.

That Sir, in view of the above, as I am very much interested to be a student of Commits,Banglore and consider it as my honour, I appeal to your kind honour to allow me a different date either prior to                 or after                  which can only meet my dream.

I hope my August Authority will favour me with the appeal.

Faithfully Yours,




WHOSE FAULT IS IT? Why do so many people, especially youngsters, write in this fashion? Is it their fault entirely? No, the real culprit is our education system. Read my post on the subject here.

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