Sunday, August 4, 2013

His views on "older reading media" — a reference to books — may be a little extreme, but...

...Rick Gekoski's thoughts on how a Kindle transforms your life are spot-on:

I'm a rare book dealer, but since getting an e-reader older reading media seem awkward and cumbersome.

Here's an excerpt from Gekoski's column in a recent issue of The Guardian: I discovered on our way to Heathrow, I had forgotten to take my Kindle. This has never happened to me before, for it is now so essential that I almost buy it a companion ticket. When it became clear, checking my bags for the third time, that I was now Kindle-less, I had a reaction so acute as to qualify, almost, as an anxiety attack. No Kindle? What was I going to do?

Read the article in its entirety here.

And, afterwards, read my post to understand why I am crazy about my Kindle Fire: "The best thing since sliced bread for book-lovers (a Facebook conversation)".

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