Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outlook editor makes a forceful case for reading magazines

Writing in the 17th anniversary issue of Outlook, editor Krishna Prasad gives us his view on why newsmagazines will survive "even if they will struggle to thrive":
  • Because the newsmagazine is the only pan-national print media vehicle in our country.
  • Because the newsmagazine has a long shelf-life.
  • Because the newsmagazine is classy a la carte; the newspaper is a rowdy buffet.
  • Because, newsweeklies break stories.
  • Because, newsmagazines provide a vivid, 360-degree view.
  • Because, it is our opinion that the best opinion is in newsmagazines.
  • Because, newsmagazines have a worldview. 
  • Because, a daily newspaper is a habit.... A newsmagazine is a style statement.
  • Because, none of our national newspapers will be able to do an issue like the one you are holding.
KP elaborates sagaciously on each point. Read his column in its entirety here: "Happy birthday to us".

ALSO READ: KP's recommendations on what to read if you want to become a media professional, more specifically a journalist: "What you read is really R-E-A-L-L-Y going to decide what you will write, and how you will write it."

ADDITIONAL READING: "Outlook's peerless issue on the Indian media crisis".

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