Monday, March 7, 2016

Two top-notch TV news bulletins...

...produced by the AVC (Audiovisual Communication) Batch of 2017 were screened at Commits on Friday, March 4.

One of the guests commented after the screening: "I did not expect this quality." But then this is the AVC Batch of 2017, for the first time in Commits history, an all-female AVC batch. They worked so hard to make this day happen  we are all very, very proud of them.

Watch the news bulletins here:

Commits TV-1: Produced by Sreya Chatterjee, Sudeshna Dutta, Sriparna Ghosh, Ria Nag, Ritika B.S., Sahana S., and Moumita Basu

Commits TV-2: Produced by Shristi Thapliyal, Shreesha Ghosh, Sneha Rudra, Sudeshna Bardhan, Meghana Khare, Soumya Matham, and Dona Dey

Also, MMC (Marketing and Management Communication) students Rima Tandon, Ankita Sarkar, and Abhishek Biswas, who had worked on a documentary together with Debashree Sengupta in January, were very keen to produce a TV news story too. So, over a few days last week, they put together this report on a play being staged in Bengaluru as part of the Deccan Herald Theatre Festival. This is an excellent effort. Congratulations to RimaAnkita, and Abhishek! Watch their news clip here:

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