Tuesday, June 10, 2014

He has been blind since age 10, but the company he founded generates revenues worth millions of dollars

How did Herb Greenberg, now 84, do it?

Read this feature on the newly redesigned website of Fortune magazine (which, by the way, has consistently been publishing high-quality writing) and learn more about this phenomenal man who was once unable to get a job but who now teaches companies how to hire:

Believing in the Power of Potential

When Herb Greenberg, with all that experience under his belt, offers advice, it make sense to listen carefully. Here are some gems from the interview:
  • Seventy percent of workers are in jobs to make a living; they don’t love what they’re doing. We say, “Let’s find out what you love doing, then get you the training to do it.”
  • Hiring is a lot better than it used to be in terms of discriminating against physical handicaps, race, and gender. But there are still elements of discrimination. For example, why would an inability to walk affect the ability to answer a phone? Forget the disability. Grab the ability, and ride it to death.
  • Ask references more than just “Did he do the job well?” Ask “What is he like?” and “How’d he work with people?” You can always teach skills. You can’t train attitude.
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