Monday, April 7, 2014

How to write an e-mail that will get you your dream internship (Hint: You need the three I's: interest, initiative, imagination)

Commitscion Tia Raina (Class of 2015) got a call back from India's top digital agency, Webchutney, three hours after she sent this e-mail:

From: Tia Raina
Date: 1 March 2014 8:34:25 IST
Subject: Do you need an awesome intern?

Good morning!

My name is Tia Raina and I'm a master's student at Commits, a media college located in HSR Layout. 

I've been looking to intern for 4-6 weeks this summer at an awesome digital agency (preferably in Bangalore, but Mumbai is great, too!). I DO have about 5 years of work experience as a writer (Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, you name it!) and my latest crush is digital. I've also recently volunteered for Social Media Week and was part of the top 20 tweeters, while juggling being a hub owner (emcee+organiser) at one of the locations.

I was wondering if you'd have any openings for interns anytime between 23rd March and June 15th?

I'm attaching my résumé, but just in case you need a quick link: here's my LinkedIn Profile.

Also, my Twitter handle and Blog link.

I'd love to intern at Webchutney, so do let me know as soon as you can! I'll be watching the phone (No. Really.).

Thanks for reading this email!

(Mobile number and other contact details)

Tia, who is the editor of the college newspaper, says, in all modesty, that the quick response "may have partly been because I followed all the guidelines they mentioned on the website. :)"

Yes, but I happen to think that other, perhaps more important, factors were at play here. Her e-mail indicates that she is media- and tech-savvy, she has good writing skills, and she is someone who likes to take the initiative.

Tia also comes across as a smart young woman, a fun person, a self-motivated worker. In short, every company's dream employee.

Who would not want such a lively, intelligent personality on board?

  • It will be worth every job-seeker's while to also check out the Webchutney guidelines that Tia is referring to. Here are the important points from the "HowTo" page on the agency's website (What a sassy come-on: "Work for us. Join the debauchery."):
Covering notes are cool

The art of the résumé

Social, woshal and all that!

We are like those attention seeking whores

Subject Lines can make or break you

Apply for a position that's (at least) related to what we do

Read the complete document here: "HOWTO: Careers".

And here you can read Tia Raina's blog post on her favourite city: "My Love-Letter to Mumbai".

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