Friday, April 25, 2014

Gettin' Jiggy with possibly the best music player on the Net

I have tried a variety of music players on the Net, including Neverending Playlist.

But now that I have discovered JiggyApe, there's no turning back. There's only turning up... the volume:

  • Want to know how to create your own music video playlist with JiggyApe? Click here.
  • Want an official reason to listen to music at work? Click here.
  • Want to know what "Gettin' Jiggy..." means? Click here.
Commitscion ASHWIN SHANKER (Class of 2015) commented via e-mail: WOW... Simply Wow... I checked the site out, I am thrilled to see how simple, yet effective it is in making a playlist. This was just what I was looking for. 

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