Monday, March 31, 2014

Insanely funny, and still able to drive us crazy with laughter after all these years

  • batty
  • bizarre
  • crazy
  • deranged
  • idiotic
  • irrational
  • nuts
  • preposterous, etc. etc.
There may be a surfeit of synonyms for mad in any decent thesaurus, but I doubt they will be anywhere near enough to describe the contents of MAD, the magazine many of us old fogies first discovered as teenagers.

Today, having recently stumbled upon the MAD website, I am back to chortling over the antics of Don Martin's seriously unhinged characters...

...chuckling over the ding-dong battles of the screwy (and mute) spies created by Cuban refugee Antonio Prohías in 1960 and currently being drawn by Peter Kuper...

...cackling at the frenzied stunts of Sergio Aragonés's "Shadows"...

...marvelling at Dave Berg's comedic genius...

Oh, there's more, so much more to enjoy on Classic MAD!
Remembering MAD Magazine’s ‘Maddest Artist’ Don Martin On The 13th Anniversary Of His Passing

The 10 Greatest MAD Magazine Covers

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