Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good news makes for plenty of views... and lots of positive reviews

There is no dearth of good news, really. Let me put it this way: How can there be a dearth of good news when there is no dearth of good people? People like the husband-wife team of Dhimant and Anuradha Parekh (pictured).

I learnt about the indefatigable Parekhs and their digital news website when I came across an article which they had written and which has been reproduced in the latest issue of Mint Lounge.

Anuradha and Dhimant, who live in Bangalore, are the founders and co-editors of The Better India, which, as they describe it, concentrates on positive news, happy stories, and unsung heroes.

Why did they set up The Better India? Dhimant explains:

It was a little over five years ago that my wife and I decided to start an alternative news medium. We were exasperated by reading the daily news in India that was largely negative and sensational in nature. It got us thinking: What should news do to you? Should it shake you up in horror? Should it leave you disgusted? Or should it also make you learn? Should it make you contribute? Should it enable you to bring about a change?

It was in an attempt to answer those questions that the couple decided to start their own news site, but "with a difference".

We decided to report only positive news. And by positive, we didn’t want it to be preachy or opinion-filled, we wanted to talk about ideas that have influenced communities, we wanted to showcase people who have brought about a change in their areas, we wanted to talk about the forgotten art forms of India, celebrate the successes of organisations that have improved the lives of many children —  the list continues to grow with every passing day.

It is fascinating to read how they went about popularising The Better India to the point where, five years on, they now have a 25-member team of writers and a fantastic archive of good news from all over the country.

Hats off to the Parekhs! May their tribe increase!
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  • Photograph of the Parekhs courtesy: Mint Lounge

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