Friday, September 20, 2013

Wondering which book to read next?

Bookish can help with some great recommendations.

All you have to do is visit the website and, in the dialog box on the home page, key in the name of a book it can be something you have read, for instance, or a book you are reading now. Automatically, you get personalised recommendations based on, according to Bookish, the insights of editors and other book experts, plus various book characteristics that include their subjects, the awards they've won, and their authors' writing styles.

For instance, when I typed "The Lowland", Jhumpa Lahiri's Booker-nominated novel, here's what Bookish came up with:

Try it out yourself. If you're a booklover, it's not only fun; it will also lead to some serendipitous discoveries.
  • Bookish lets you read samples, too, and currently you can also check out the guide to the best new books expected to be launched this fall. 
  • By the way, if you love to peruse book lists, A List of Books has 13 "Top 100 Books" lists combined and condensed into one master list 623 books in all. Check it out here.

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