Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Learn from a CEO: How to work with a jerk

Some two years ago, I published a Reading Room post that discussed the problems of dealing with a boss from hell.

But it is not only a bad boss who can  make you miserable.

What about your colleagues? How do you work with a colleague who is a jerk?

Dave Kerpen tells us how. Kerpen, whose career tips I have featured in this space before, is a LinkedIn "influencer" and I have been "following" him for some time now. Today my Gmail in-box contained an alert about Kerpen's latest post, which offers, I think, sensible workplace advice.

Here are Kerpen's suggestions for making working with a jerk easier:
  • Seek to understand where the jerk is coming from
  • Shower the jerk with positivity
  • Talk to others and consider your options
And he elaborates on each point in his post. Read it here.

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