Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, interviewed together for Mint's "Love Issue 2013"...

...and a lovely interview it is, too!

Here, in an excerpt from the interview, is a delightful exchange between the couple:

Rajdeep and Sagarika met for the first time in 1986 in Jamshedpur, now in Jharkhand, where they had gone for an interview with Russi Mody, former chairman of Tata Steel, for The Rhodes Scholarships.

“She got it. I did not. I am still trying to get back,” says Rajdeep.

Sagarika says: “In those days, Rajdeep was extremely laid-back; in fact, he was so laid-back that he was horizontal. I remember when the results were being announced he was sleeping somewhere up there in his room.” Rajdeep tries to defend himself but ends up muttering while Sagarika ploughs on: “I remember thinking to myself ‘Does this guy really care about the scholarship?’”

But now, Sagarika says, “Rajdeep is a workaholic, a newsaholic, a journoaholic. Thank God he is not an alcoholic.” Sagarika feels that as editor-in-chief, Rajdeep should not be taking so many decisions. “He is obsessed with what’s on the ticker, the top bands. This way the people who are doing the work are not empowered because they keep trying to second-guess him. In fact, my team is obsessed with Rajdeep. I delegate much more and believe if you empower people, things run on their own and you get fresher ideas.”

Rajdeep interjects: “I have a resolution — to leave office by 6pm on Friday. I have left office early for the last few Fridays.”

POWER COUPLE: Sagarika and Rajdeep photographed for Mint by Priyanka Parashar

Read the feature by Seema Chowdhry in its entirety here: "Airing both sides".

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