Saturday, January 26, 2013

"10 Essential Tips for Becoming An Effective Blogger"

See how many experts (not just me) are saying the same things when it comes to writing/blogging: "10 Essential Tips for Becoming An Effective Blogger".

This particular post by Monica Carter Tagore, who has written more than a hundred posts about writing for the Writer's Living website, may be about how to shape your blog if you're a writer, but the points made and the advice given by her apply to every kind of blog.

Make a note especially of these points:

#3. Get a name that works. Get your name or one that quickly identifies what the blog is about. Don’t go for cutesy, weird names that test your reader’s memory.

#5. Create good content. You don’t have to be a stellar writer when it comes to blogging or making a living writing. But you do have to produce good stuff. Nobody wants to read boring, confusing, or rambling posts.

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Additional reading: Here are two important points about blogging made by inveterate blogger Lesley Carter:

#Put your nose to the grindstone and write!
More content leads to more readers, as long as you can maintain quality.

#Write great headlines. There’s no faster way to catch the attention of people in your niche than an intriguing headline.

Read up on all 10 tips on Lesley Carter's list here: "10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger".
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Is it Masters Degree? Or Master's degree? Or master's degree?

Mark Nichol, the editor of the Daily Writing Tips blog, deserves a round of applause for putting together what he calls "10 Tips about Basic Writing Competency".

If you wish to be taken seriously as a professional writer, as he says, these tips, conveniently divided into four categories — formatting, style, usage, and spelling — are sure to help.

Read Nichol's post here.

(And it's "master's degree", which is what I have been telling my students for the past ten years.)
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