Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is the editor someone hired by the newspaper owner to make sure there are no mista

R. Sukumar, editor of Mint, says he has been asked one particular question many times in his career: What does an editor do?

So, in his column in the paper last week, he set out to provide an answer, along the way explaining in detail the four main demands an integrated newsroom makes of an editor:

1. The ability to understand what kind of story works online.

2. The sensory bandwidth to deal with and process everything that’s happening and which is being aired on 24x7 news channels, Twitter timelines, wire feeds, and internal memos from reporters.

3. Physical and mental stamina, given the first two requirements.

4. An understanding of the digital medium.

Sukumar elaborates on each of those points in his article here.

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