Saturday, October 27, 2012

How do newspapers attract and engage readers in this age of social media?

Here's one way:

This cover is the work of Commits alumnus DAVID TUSING (Class of 2005), deputy editor of tabloid!, the features section of the Dubai-based Gulf News. Tusing posted this image on Facebook earlier this week with his comments: "Everyone's talking about Skyfall. So we thought we'd do something slightly different with our cover today. Thoughts?"

David (pictured at left) wrote later in an e-mail that he takes full credit for this cover. "I love to experiment with our covers whenever I get the opportunity," he wrote. Because of the internet and Facebook and Twitter, he continued, "I think the print medium has had to constantly find new ways and means to engage readers, not just with our covers but with the way we cover stories.

"We often find ourselves having to come up with fresh ideas to say something they may already know but in an innovative and interesting way that's still relevant and that will make them pick up an issue from the stands.

"Needless to say, I love that challenge."

That's the spirit, David.

He wanted to know what I thought of this cover. So I wrote back, "Inventive, innovative, imaginative. And sure to draw in the inquisitive."

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