Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What journalism is really about...

...can be discerned from this "wanted ad" being circulated via social media and e-mail by Sudha Pillai, features editor of Bangalore Mirror:

I'm looking for a features reporter. Mail me your resume if you have 2-4 years experience; you are working in the print medium; you are from Bangalore; you know the city and its people well; have an inquisitive mind; you are curious about everything and everyone around you; are someone who doesn't think that she is god's gift to journalism; you are someone who does not think that you know it all and there is nothing more to learn; are someone who does not think that journalism is all about having five ready-made questions, which you will ask anyone from the prime minister to the office boy; are someone who does not think that all a journalist needs is a phone and e-mail; actually like going out and meeting people; you are someone who will go out and find your own stories and not regurgitate something that has already been regurgitated;

...that you are not someone who will ever call up a theatre company and say you are a journalist and that you want free tickets; you are someone who does not think that having a free meal at a restaurant, getting a free spa experience and other freebies are legitimate perks of being a journalist; are someone who is willing to learn, explore, laugh, work REALLY, REALLY HARD and have fun on the job then...

...I promise you I will teach you all that I know; you will write some of the most fascinating stories and have some memorable experiences in life. I am a tough boss.

If you are willing to take a chance send me an e-mail:

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