Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some great advice for first-time bloggers

Julie Powell launched a career from of all things a food blog which then morphed into a tell-all memoir that ultimately landed her a sweet film deal. Heard of Julie & Julia, the 2009 movie starring Meryl Streep? Yep, that Julie is who we're talking about.

Why did Julie Powell start her blog? Why did her blog attract such a large following? And how did it help her to become a better writer? She answers all these questions here.

Powell also offers five tips for developing a personal blog that will interest the public and not just your friends and family (they are the first to say they "just loved" your post, and also the first to lose interest):

1. Use blogs to develop your voice and become a working writer.

2. Identify a blog’s appeal, and build on content that keeps readers involved.

3. Be acutely aware of ethical considerations in personal writing, and keep your motives and emotions in check.

4. View blogs as tools to address subjects of interest and a way to become a public writer.

5. Remain focused on the craft of writing.

For each tip, she offers a personal anecdote to help you understand how this advice can be used to your advantage. Read the feature in its entirety here: Julie Powell’s Advice For Bloggers.
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