Friday, February 24, 2012

10 things you should not say to your boss (or to your journalism professor)

Your boss has just given you a job to do. Are you going to tell him, "I will try [to do this]"? Is your boss going to be happy with your response?

No, he won't. That is why you should put your brain in gear before opening your mouth when interacting with your boss. Sunanda Poduwal, writing in The Economic Times on Sunday, elaborates on the issue. She also provides a list of 10 things you should not say to your boss ("I will try" is on the list):
  1. That's Not in My Job Description
  2. I Can't Do This Task
  3. I Just Never Got Around To It
  4. I Don't Know How To Do It
  5. I Am Overqualified For This
  6. Sorry, I Missed That Point
  7. I Need to Talk to You, It's Important
  8. I Will Try
  9. Don't Blame Me — It's Not My Fault
  10. Why Do I Need To Do This? This is Stupid!
Each item on this list comes with an example. Read the feature in its entirety here.
  • I would like to add No. 11: "I haven't had time to read your e-mail."
  • And here's No. 12 from my perspective as a journalism professor: "I find reading a bore and writing a chore... but I want to be a media professional."
UPDATE (October 1, 2103): More than 1,400 comments (at the time of writing) have been posted already. So you may want to head on over and see what the fuss is all about: Seventeen young "bosses" leaders from The Young Entrepreneur Council talk about the worst thing they'd ever been told by their employees. Read this enlightening piece here: "17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss".

ADDITIONAL READING: "17 Things The Boss Should Never Say", by Dave Kerpen, an American CEO who is also a New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker.


  1. I liked the last one No:11 :P

  2. I know you added the one in the brackets :D

  3. Another one that will land you in trouble for sure: I will do it tomorrow!

  4. good one sir. now we definitely know what to avoid saying in front of you

  5. I am shocked that you only had two more point to say!


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