Monday, December 26, 2011

Why the Kindle Fire is the best thing since sliced bread for book-lovers (a Facebook conversation)

What am I reading on my Kindle Fire now?
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    • Sanhita Ghosh Congrats! Party! :D
      Friday at 1:50pm · 

    • Shiv Sujir So you have moved on to the 'e' side.
      Friday at 2:22pm ·  ·  1

    • Sharat Sareen is it good to use?? better than ipad for books??
      Friday at 4:03pm · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu Well, Sharat, I found the Kindle Fire to be the right size to read books on -- isn't the iPad a tad unwieldy to hold comfortably (like you would hold a book)? As for the reading experience itself, after just a few days of reading books and graphic novels on the Fire, it seems so natural now to turn on the Fire, tap on the image of the work I want to read, and keep tapping pages to move forward or back.

      I can choose from a variety of fonts, increase the font size of the text, go to maps (in the book about Cleopatra, for example) and pinch-zoom to view details. And, of course, I can tap on a word to get the definition instantly from the built-in dictionary.

      Saturday at 10:52am · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu Also, I can highlight text, add notes, bookmark pages. I think all these conveniences truly add to the pleasure of reading a book on the Fire.
      Saturday at 10:53am · 

    • Sharat Sareen Do the eyes get tired after sometime or is it just like reading a book?
      Saturday at 11:30am · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu No, not at all, Sharat. I can adjust the brightness to suit the light around me. And I can increase the size of the text to the point where I don't need to wear my reading glasses. Isn't that amazing?
      Yesterday at 10:58am · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu If you want to read about how the Kindle Fire stacks up against the iPad, here's an illuminating article from the Wall Street Journal:
      Yesterday at 11:01am · 

UPDATE (June 26, 2013): The Kindle is now available on Amazon's India store. Here are the reviews, from today's Mint, of the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle FireHD: "Here come the Kindles".

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