Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm halfway through "Lucknow Boy", and I find it fascinating

If you want to understand journalism as it is practised in India today, its joys and its pitfalls, I can recommend no better book than this one:

  • Read exclusive extracts from Lucknow Boy in the latest issue of Outlook: "Close encounters".
  • I bought Lucknow Boy for my students last week; I'll place the copy in the Commits library after I finish reading it.
  • If you want to read a review of Lucknow Boy, here's the best one: "Vinod Mehta, Unedited" (The Hindu, December 4). 
UPDATE (March 11, 2013): A book Vinod Mehta had written in 1978, The Sanjay Story, has just been reissued by HarperCollins India. Mehta was interviewed by Mint last week in connection with the book. Read the one-on-one here: "Politicians and journalists should never be friends".