Friday, August 26, 2011

A Facebook conversation that illustrates the perils of copying and pasting status messages, or sharing links, without studying closely those messages or links-2

Commitscion Ankana Sinha (Class of 2009), who works as a brand manager with ProNature Organic Foods in Bangalore, graciously consented to let me reproduce this discussion we had on Facebook earlier today:

Worth a watch. Not sure how much of it is authentic though...
See the real story of Anna Hazare , checkout what his ex-colleagues have to say about him. You will be shocked to hear the real truth hidden from all of us.
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    • Ramesh Prabhu If it's not authentic, why is it being passed on?
      15 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Ankana Sinha Maybe because we just like controversies...
      2 hours ago · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu Ankana: Please read this post and, afterwards, let me know what you think. Thank you.
      This blog is for students of Commits, a media college in Bangalore, where I teac...See More

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    • Ankana Sinha I have read this one. I will need a very long conversation with you on this. I shared this link because it was interesting, not because I believe it or subscribe to it.
      45 minutes ago · 

    • Ankana Sinha And I did try making it clear in the status message with the link.
      44 minutes ago · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu ‎1. If you don't believe in what you're "sharing", or if you don't subscribe to it, please make that clear in your status update. Your status update said, "Worth a watch".

      2. There will be lots of stuff on the net that could be considered "interesting", but before "sharing" any of it, please think twice. You may be giving unnecessary, and wrong, publicity to something that has no merit, or, worse, is blatantly untrue.

      41 minutes ago · 

    • Ankana Sinha It is worth a watch because those people are saying something interesting...I also said in my status that I doubt its credibility. Not once have I said it is true. Not once have i urged the viewers to "spread the message". I trust the viewers to use their discretion. Do you believe everything that is "thrown" at you?
      33 minutes ago · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu How do you know who these "people" are? What is their background? What agenda are they promoting? Who has made this video? With what purpose?

      My concern is that your friends, who have faith in your judgment, will believe what they see in this video. And that is not right if this video is a propaganda film.

      I have what I think is a healthy scepticism -- partly because of my nature, partly because of my training as a journalist -- so, no, I don't believe everything that is thrown at me. In fact, I don't even read such emails or watch such clips because I am deeply suspicious of their intent.

      28 minutes ago · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu And you did not say you doubt this video's credibility. You said, "Not sure how much of it is authentic though...". That gives the impression that you believe some of it is authentic. How would you know that?
      24 minutes ago · 

    • Ankana Sinha I don't think it means I believe it is part authentic. I am questioning its could mean that all of it is not authentic.
      22 minutes ago · 

    • Ramesh Prabhu My request: Please don't pass on anything that is not authentic. Please don't fall for these propaganda scams.
      21 minutes ago · 

    • Ankana Sinha ‎:) okay, granted.
      20 minutes ago · 

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