Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raghu Rai's new book...

...India's Great Masters contains some powerful images of music and ecstasy, says Tehelka in in its issue of April 10. Go here and click on the 'View Slideshow' button.

This is a good example of how to present pictures that are very special.

S Balachander -- An entirely self-taught child prodigy, Balachander went on to become a veena and sitar virtuoso. Raghu Rai tells Tehelka's Gaurav Jain, “I took him to Mahabalipuram to interpret his music. His strokes are the deepest possible sound; they bounce so much, it seemed the rocks were approaching in rhythm and dance. I sat him there and wondered what to do. When you make yourself available, nature makes itself available. When I shot this, it went beyond my planning. Ab sur lag gaya.”

  • Nishal Lama (Class of 2009), who is a photographer and reporter with, comments:
Thanks for sharing these links. I am very fond of Mr. Rai, and truly enjoy seeing his work. I am lucky to have met him for an interview last year. He is a true gentleman. I cherish all the words that he spoke to me, and often try to recollect the interaction; he's such an inspiration.

I met him a few months back as well. He was in Bangalore for an awards ceremony. What surprised me the most was to learn that he still remembered our first meeting, and even asked about my well-being. I was overjoyed.

'Madness' is how he defines his passion with photography, and he asserts that young amateurs, too, should be really passionate about their work, irrespective of what the results could be. "Shoot, shoot, and shoot -- till the time you get your favourite shot," is his advice.

By the way, I have seen some of the juniors' work (mostly on Facebook),and I really think they have the potential to make it big. I wish them all success. They are doing well, and they are fast learners.

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