Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The BIG difference between PRINT and ONLINE

"Newspaper and magazine editors design their publications to help readers stumble onto topics they may not think are of interest. The front page of most newspapers is intended to guide readers to both important and interesting stories. This experience has not been easy to replicate online."

L. Gordon Crovitz of The Wall Street Journal makes his case for serendipity even as he explains why newspapers trump the web. "How do you discover what you don’t know you want to know?" he asks.

And he quotes from a recent blog post at the Nieman Journalism’s Lab site, “While there is more news on the Web, our perspectives on the news are narrower because we only browse the sites we already agree with, or know we already like, or care about.” With newspapers, by contrast, readers discover “things we didn’t care about, or didn’t agree with, in the physical act of turning the page”.

To read the full article, go to For serendipity, hit ‘search’.

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